What we receive as pleasure while we move is our body’s signal of efficient movement.

Efficient movement strengthens our body while creating the muscles we need for action and allowing muscles that are not needed to release. This creates a dynamic, fit, beautiful body that moves with grace in everyday life.

Pleasure allows us to stay in contact with our body while we exercise. This fosters sensation and intimacy with ourselves and the present moment. The sense of pleasure while we move is also the way that our body communicate to us that we are moving in a efficient and beneficial way for our system.

Every time we feel and sense we allow more movement to happen, and places of the body that usually are tight start to participate.

I also feel as a woman that we need to train our senses about sensation of pleasure.

Pleasure that comes from indulging in things that are deeply beneficial and nurturing.

My favorite indulgences are a shower with my natural vanilla scrub, a delicious Jasmine Pearl tea in my favorite cup, a walk on the beach barefoot early in the morning while the sun is rising against the magical rhythm of waves. Another indulgence and form of self-care for me is a Be Bella Pilates workout in my cozy clothes with rose essential oil on my wrists and ankles and two Be Bella Pilates Balls under my pelvis to release my lower back and body. I breathe allowing my body to expand and surrender. Feeling my breath like waves through my body, II start to move. I begin with small movement and work my way up to a more challenging movement to connect with and strengthen my body.

Pleasure and a healthy relationship with the floor can make a workout really efficient, strengthening and something so good that we begin to crave it as your body becomes strong, lean and beautiful. Feeling good in our body is a way to honor our life and natural beauty.