Flavia Bruni Be Bella Pilates programs created especially for Bride to Be


Gorgeous bride package

Look extremely fit and glow with inner grace and beauty on your wedding day.

This 3 to 8 months program include 3 weekly Flavia Bruni Be Bella Pilates classes for alignment, grace and strength.



Create your own Be Bella Pilates customized program. 


Leave a shimmering trail of grace and poise on your special day.

This 10-class in-home private program will allow your body to find its natural grace in movement and create lean, long muscle and a powerful core. You will also experience how indulge in your senses, allowing the body to connect with its innate wisdom for effortless, beautiful posture and grace in movement. This program will prepare you to be graceful and glowing on your special day and beyond.



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Instead that prescriptive Be Beautiful Pilates is incredible restorative. For the first time I felt my body relaxing and learned to use my muscles properly . Her method translate beyond Pilates to every movement I made. I learned how my movement can became long graceful and beautiful.
— Amira F.