Our Story


Our Story

Be bella pilates

My love for graceful and efficient movement in dance and my research on the connection between beauty and bio-mechanics led me to develop Be Bella Pilates. In my technique beauty is the result of three elements: alignment, grace and strength. Be Bella Pilates respects the natural design of the body creating a strong and functional core, lean and long muscles and effortless posture that gives a deep sense of well-being.

The studio

In 2011 I opened my studio at Ethos Collective Wellness. Located in the heart of Soho and known for its inviting and relaxing atmosphere, Ethos is an exclusive oasis in the city where women are invited to leave everything behind, relieve their tensions and dedicate time to their strength, beauty and wellbeing. In 2012 my classes at Ethos Collective were voted Best Pilates for Women in New York Magazine.


I love helping women discover the natural beauty and strength that emerges when they use their body in a way that honors its natural structure.


Pilates Cova Tech, Milano
Balance Body Pilates, New York
Reiki level 2, New York

Continuing education

Core Without Nonsense: Feldenkrais Prospective on Stability and Core Training, New York
A Feldenkrais approach to the treatment of Shoulder Dysfunction
Completed 4 years Dance Program at Dance New Amsterdam, New York

My past and current movement studies in addition to Dance include Yoga, Feldenkrais, Gyrotonic Expansion System, Kung Fu, Floor Barre, Klein Technique, and Alexander Technique.

Flavia has a deep knowledge of the body both from her dance background, her study of biomechanics, and her experience with various bodies modalities. At 40, and wise beyond her years, she is emphatic and encouraging about one’ a capacities and abilities. She stays with you, sometimes with hands on until you get it right. Flavia meets you were you are at, and while she is having you stretching, aligning and moving using the natural movement of the body to undo bed habits, she never pushes too hard, believing that a gentle approach to the body is the most effective. This itself has is own lesson. Flavia is a pleasure to work with.
— Laura K.