I went to Flavia because I’d been experiencing pain in my shoulder area for months and had limited range of motion. I know Flavia has years of experience not only as a Pilates instructor but also as a dancer, so I trusted her to give me the right exercises to help me loosen up the muscle. I’d only done Pilates once in a group class so I wasn’t sure what to expect. What I got was a VERY personalized class to address my specific issues. Flavia has great energy and is fun to be around, but what she has that so many others don’t is the ability to focus in on your body and quickly assess what you need. There’s nothing “cookie cutter” about her class. After just the first class, I had a noticeable increase in motion in my shoulder and decrease in pain. The core exercises she had me doing were extremely effective yet unlike any others I’d previously done with other trainers. I HIGLY recommended Flavia!!
— Rachel S, 9/1/2015

Flavia’s “BE BEAUTIFUL AM PILATES” at home personal training is like nothing I ever tried before. I chose her for my PERSONAL TRAINER because she was Best of New York Pilates studio in 2013 and I was curious to try her “Be Beautiful” customized AT HOME morning class that promised to help me starting my day with energy, class and elegance as well as keeping me in shape and releasing me of all the tensions.

Flavia’s class delivered that and much more. As a teacher she’s THOUGHTFUL, precise, and really in tune with my needs. She’s also a lot of FUN: showing up with new props every day (balls, straps etc.) to help me realigning and finding out new things about my body without ever getting bored.

The energy and open posture I gain from the private session with Flavia last all day long. I work on TV and a a lot of what I do depends on what I communicate with my body and appearance. Her personal training and tips helped me immensely. Now i know how to EFFORTLESSLY carry my body just the right way. Thank you Flavia!!!
— Barbara T, 8/15/2014

I’m a 62 year old woman who belongs to a gym, but hates it, have tried a trainer that left me uninspired, goes to yoga and have had good and not so good teachers, but had found no way to be active and strengthen my body that I am motivated to do regularly - until I met Flavia.

She met me where I was at with my body, never pushing me uncomfortably beyond my endurance, or in a way that made me feel I wasn’t doing enough. Almost without my knowing it she gently eased me forward, expanding my strength and capabilities in a very natural, pleasurable way. I am standing taller, feeling stronger, and my movements are more fluid. I feel she has inspired me to want to keep moving.

Flavia is a very gifted teacher, who has studied many modalities of movement and healing, knows the body deeply, and is very intuitive. She is an absolute joy to work with and I can’t recommend her enough.
— Amy E, 11/19/2012

I started taking private pilates classes with Flavia while training for the New York City marathon in 2011. I was experiencing a lot of pain in my psoas and hip flexor. In desperation to get out of pain and back to running I started to visit a series of physical therapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, and sports medicine doctors.

Flavia was so different from everything I had experienced. She equipped me with the skills to actually understand my body and move it in the way that it was meant to. Instead of being prescriptive, her practice is incredibly restorative. For the first time I felt my body relaxing and learned to use my muscles properly. Her method translated beyond pilates to every movement I made. I learned how to run and walk by grounding my feet. I learned how my movement could become long and lean and graceful. And beautiful.

She is an incredible gentle and patient teacher. You can tell how much she believes in the practice and how invested she is in your own transformation.

I would not have been able to run the marathon had it not been for Flavia. I continue to see her now and consider her one of New York’s most precious holistic and integrative trainers.
— Amira F, 3/22/2011

Flavia is a master of identifying what makes Italian women so sexy and graceful and teaching it to all of us.

Flavia focuses on pilates as a way to encourage graceful movement from a tight core. I just finished a month long program with pilates and feel stronger and leaner than ever.

I have done many pilates mat and reformer classes and privates before but no taught me as much about pilates as it integrates into everyday movement as Flavia.

Thank you!
— Laura K, 10/26/2010