Flavia Bruni is the owner and creator of Be Bella Pilates, a Pilates studio and movement method based in Soho. As a devoted dancer and lifetime student of movement with 20 years experience in teaching Pilates, Flavia worked on developing a Pilates method that not only creates a strong core and long lean muscle but also works on enhancing women natural beauty through effortless posture and grace in movement. Her specialized work has gained much recognition since the start of her practice including being awarded "Best Pilates Teacher for Women" by New York Magazine.

Growing up in Italy, Flavia was inspired by the sensuality of her home country where art, flavor and beauty were a very natural part of life. Flavia found many similarities in her dance practice where she began to realize that there is an innate grace and beauty that exists in the body. It doesn't need to be forced or found, rather gently discovered. She loves to help women connect with their natural potential for beauty and strength through working in harmony with their body innate intelligence. 

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Flavia has a deep understanding of how our bodies work, how they want to move, and how to develop strength and grace. She is sensitive and intuitive and her response are very individualistic.
— Amy E.
I have being working with Flavia many years I can t say enough good things about her. From helping women to love their bodies, whatever shape they are, to helping woman to get strong and fit, she has an amazing talent. She has so much knowledge about the way bodies are suppose to work and she brings that all to the work she does. I see positive changes for me every session.
— Geri M.